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Discover: What Is Video Marketing?

In today’s fast changing world, technology has opened up a number of possibilities to all of us. Even in the marketing world there are opportunities for embracing the new media such as video. But what is video marketing and how can it impact our business?

Traditional static sales pages

Although still hugely popular, the static sales page has a number of disadvantages. Firstly it can be tedious to read and secondly does not offer us the ability to see the product it advertises in action.

Although it is not always necessary to see a demonstration of a product, it can sometimes be useful to have a visual experience. To hear a human voice also builds a level of trust with us.

Think about who is really behind that sales page you are reading. If it is not a well-known company, how do you know you can really trust it? Could they just take your money and run? It may not happen, but one can never rule out the possibility.

Whilst video cannot guarantee an honest sales pitch, it still resonates better than reading an everlasting piece of text. Are you starting to understand what is video marketing now?

If you have created an engaging video you are likely to find that people will want to know more about you and what you have to offer. A video site such as YouTube will host your video and millions of people will have access to it 24/7 around the world. Think what this means for you. You are able to add your website link in both the video and the description on YouTube.

So what is video marketing going to do for your product or service? When viewers of your video see your website link, either in the video itself or the description, they will come to your website.

If you are selling a product or service, the more visitors increases the possibility of you improving conversions and getting sales. This is what it is all about, I’m sure you will agree. Without sales there may not be a business.

If you need more understanding of this or want more details, then there are a number of options open to you.

Article Video Marketing

If you enjoy writing articles then why not have them converted into video articles. The article can have the written text in video format and a narrator can speak it out loud. This is what is known as article video marketing and it can really be effective if done correctly. Think about the possibilities here for you.

What is video marketing in the context of internet marketing? Well video is one of the new ways of driving traffic to a website. To do this requires a well presented video which makes an impact on the viewer.

Try not to drone on in a monotone voice about how great your product is. Nobody is going to buy it if there is a sense of doom and gloom. Inject some humour into the video if possible. Not everyone can do this and to a degree it depends on the type of product you are promoting. Generally though, you should aim to keep a happy tone throughout the video.

You do not have to be a great salesman, nor do you need to be a great film director in order to produce engaging videos. You just need to use a little imagination and come across as an honest person. Make people realise that you are worth doing business with and you are half way there.

Whatever you are promoting or selling, you will need to make clear the name of your business, how they can contact you and what you are selling.

Because people are visual, you have the opportunity to make your video engaging in a number of ways. Why not add a photograph or two to the video. It helps break up the video a little.

Do not go stealing images from the internet. You can find royalty free images on the internet. There are also sites which allow you to purchase images for a very small fee. Otherwise it is perfectly acceptable to use any of your own images.

There is also a lot of free clip art around which can be added to your video. Hunt around for free effects and animations if you feel these could be incorporated in your production. Keep it simple though and do not go overdoing it on photos and effects.

Have you ever wondered what is video marketing SEO and why you need it? When you add your video to video sites you need to optimise it so that it gets found. When people search for your video you need it to show up in the results.

To optimise your video for SEO purposes you need to do keyword research first. Pick a good keyword rich title for the video and base everything around that.

If you need keyword training or then it is worth taking the time to research any material you find.

Email video marketing

No doubt you email your customers from time to time. Why not include your video in your email. This is seen as more effective than a traditional email. You can create videos on special offers for example. Your customers will appreciate something like this for sure and you increase the likelihood of getting the sale.

Have you seen those television adverts which say act now and you will get a discount? You can do the same thing in your video. Email the video to your list of customers and see how many jump at the chance of getting the special offer.

If you need to transfer static sales pages into online video there are a number of tools out there to do this. On the other hand you may not have the time to investigate video internet marketing and go through the process of learning how to make video. In this case then why not hand it over to someone who is an expert in this and can get it done for you. By doing this you are saving valuable time that you could use for other parts of your business.

It need not be costly to hand your internet video marketing over to someone else. They can also handle the keyword optimisation and uploading of the video to the video sites. If you need the video added to your blog then this can be taken care of also by the person you hand your video marketing to.


What is video marketing used for? Well hopefully you can now see the benefits of video marketing and how it can drive traffic to your website. Business looks to improve conversions all the time and using video content will certainly help this. It is a modern way of driving traffic to your website and engaging with viewers.

More and more people are discovering that internet video is not only drawing people to their business, but increasing their sales also. Don’t you think it is time you got in on the act and added to your revenue?